10Musume 070417_01 Miyamae I got a hand to a girl subordinate

Male manager and young female subordinates who stayed in the same room as the hotel was full during a business trip. Sleeping from a female subordinate sleeping in the side bed. Apparently it looks like a company dream. When I am wondering what you are talking about, it is horny sleepy saying “… putting it inside … no useless, chief …”. Eh, thinking that I was the chief of myself about myself, the female subordinate ‘s thighs sleeping soundly. Even though I kissed and felt nipples, I did not easily get up, but when I took off my pants and opened up my pussy, my eyelids seemed to have opened. “What are you doing?” And a female subordinate who is asleep, a male chief who invites “to make a dream a reality”. This company is not kept secret.

出張中にホテルが満室の為同じ部屋に泊まることになった男性係長と若い女性部下。横のベッドで眠っていた女性部下から寝言が。どうやら会社の夢をみているようです。何を言っているのかと思ってきいていると、「・・・中に出し・・・ダメ、係長・・・」 とエッチな寝言。え、係長って自分のことではと思いつつ、ぐっすり眠っている女性部下の太股をモミモミ。キスをしても乳首を弄ってもなかなか起きなかったけれど、パンツを脱がしてオマンコをぱっくり開くと、まぶたも開いたようです。「何してるんですか?」と寝ぼけている女性部下に「夢を現実にしようと思って」と誘う男性係長。会社にはこのコトは内緒で。

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