259LUXU-1208 Misuzu Sakuraba A slender beauty who woke up to liberation of libido in the previous shooting

259LUXU-1208 Today is the second appearance. Misuzu who told me that she decided to appear in AV because she hadn’t had sex before last time. It was the first time I had an experience in shooting, and I thought that there were many people there. I haven’t had any sex since the last shooting. What kind of sex do you want to have today? When I ask, I strangle my head and attack a little hard

本日、二回目の出演となります。前回はセックスでイった事がないのでAV出演を決めたと話してくれた美鈴さん。撮影で初めてイく体験をして、そちらの方も充実しているかと思いきや、前回の撮影以降一度もセック スをしていないんだそうです。今日はどんなセックスをしたいですか?と聞くと、首を絞めたり少しハードに攻め

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