259LUXU-1212 Eto Marina Unable to suppress the sexual desire that a genuine celebrity married woman has accumulated

259LUXU-1212 Marina Eto, a noble and beautiful woman who runs a beauty salon, 30 years old. She is the second appearance of this work. The previous work, “Ragju TV 1142” was very popular, so when I made an offer from here again, I was happy. Rather, he wanted to appear again. As usual, she is sexless with her husband, and her desires are on the rise. Sex with an actor

エステサロンを経営されている高貴で美しい女性、江藤真梨奈さん、30歳。今作が二度目の出演となる彼女。前作の「ラグジュTV 1142」が大好評だったため、改めてこちらからオファーをしたところ快く承諾。むしろ再出演を望んでいたという。相変わらず旦那とはセックスレスで、欲求は溜まる一方。男優とのセックスを

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