336KNB-081 Nationwide married woman picture book Married nationwide recruitment Business trip Gonzo Net release Yukina 26years old Marriage first year

336KNB-081 This work is a real documentary work that attracts a luscious shrine maiden. [Prolog] Today we met in front of Tsudanuma station, a 26-year-old young wife, Yukina. [Scene1] Interview started immediately. Yukina is a young wife who has been married for the first year, and her husband is a one year younger musician. The couple seems to be in a good relationship, and the sex itself seems to be communicably communicated, although it is few times a month. The motivation for this application was “I want to add to my household budget because my husband does not earn much”. But honestly, “I feel frustrated because of the lack of sex,” says Yukina. She is embarrassed and cannot say to her husband, but she really wants to hold her in week 7. [Scene2] As soon as you put your lips over, Yukina tastes her lips and tongue with her eyes closed and her eyes closed. Perhaps the husband’s figure is layered on the actor … Yukina squeezes her breasts out of her mouth when she licks her breasts and sucks her breasts


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