G-AREA 605reina Reina – 20

A model with the greatest rubbing tits at Monyo Monono. What kind of model is it? And it seems that it is all-purpose sports, and the child who was doing such sports for a long time is almost erotic with outstanding sensitivity … Hey expectation UP! Somewhat funny and strange tension of her and Eros did not connect the image so much, but it was a late Tondemo 弩 sensitive girl. I was 20 years old and I was playing with such sensitivity. Is it? Look up the eyes when entering the switch, it is very erotic. Besides, she is too good at fellatio … I learned how to lick such a place! Is it? I wanted to shake it on my chest, but I thought I could not pull out on the way and I did not think so much inside! Lots of laughter in the mouth even after that! I’m gonna let it go out alone This girl (laugh)

モニョモニョで最高の揉み心地のおっぱいを持つモデル。一体何のモデルなんだろうか…しかもスポーツ万能だそうで、そういうスポーツずっとやってた子って、大体感度抜群でエロいのよねぇ…とちょっと期待値UP! 何だかフワッとしてて不思議なテンションな彼女とエロスがどうもイメージ繋がらなかったんですけど、いやはやトンデモ弩敏感少女でした。20歳でそんな敏感とか、どんだけ遊んできたのよ!? スイッチ入った時の目を見て上げて下さい、めっちゃエロいですよ。しかもフェラが上手すぎて…そんな舐め方どこで教わったのよ!? 胸にぶっかけたかったけど、途中で抜くことなんてできない名器っぷりに思わず中出し! その後も口の中にたっぷり発射! 一体どんだけ出させるんだこの子は(笑

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