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Although it is “Shiori Chang” with a slightly high-fidelity atmosphere, in fact it is a horny girl who also has a bunch of other boyfriends. The likelihood increases for service spirit that spreads packacles by no more than Oko. After having caught a cum in unfamiliar toy, big urination which does not stop for some reason … A raw talk at the time of adolescence is also ◎

ちょっぴり高飛車な雰囲気をもつ”しほりチャン”ではあるが、実は彼氏の他にセフレもいちゃうエッチな女のコ。おマ〇コをこれ以上ないくらいパックリ広げてくれるサービス精神にも好感度が上がります。慣れないオモチャで絶頂を迎えたあと、何故か止まらぬ大放尿・・・ 思春期当時の生々しいトークも◎です

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