Heydouga 4037-PPV1094 Part 8 Gachin Girls Reika and others THE KANCHOOOOOO Special Edition 14

The popular “THE KANCHOOOOO !!!!!!” series with bright and fun ska images, is the emergence of the long-awaited 14th bullet. Destruction by fig enema, mass injection with milk enema, up to psycho enema? It is! A grief expression of a girl who can endure excretion to the limits of limitation, and even masturbation and sex as it is … Anyway, it is an on parade of a picture which can not be seen absolutely in others. Bigpi bibi milk spurt of the intensely pretty girl “Nana – chan”, big urination shedding of “Chiaki Chan”, Countdown of countdown of “Lee Hwa Chang”, poor feces of “Kaguya Chan”, excretion of milk babu bab of “Yukino Chang”, ” Shun shot defecation of “Chan”, Psycho recycling enema of “Yuuko Chan”, Mutimuchi sex & excretement of “Chitose Chan” … This time it is full of cute co, it is a super episode permanent preservation version! It is!

明るく楽しいスカ映像で大人気の「THE KANCHOOOOOO!!!!!!」シリーズ、待望の第14弾の登場です。イチジク浣腸による脱糞、牛乳浣腸による大量噴射、オシッコ浣腸まで?! 限界ギリギリまで排泄を我慢させられる女のコの悲痛な表情、そしてそのままオナニーやセックスまで・・・ とにかく他では絶対観れない映像のオンパレードです。激カワ美少女”ナナちゃん”のブッピブピ牛乳噴出、”千秋チャン”の大放尿脱糞、”麗華チャン”のカウントダウン脱糞、”かぐやチャン”の脱糞セックス、、”雪乃チャン”の牛乳バブバブ排泄、”璃々チャン”の散弾銃脱糞、”優子チャン”のオシッコリサイクル浣腸、”千歳チャン”のムチムチセックス&脱糞・・・ 今回も可愛いコだらけ、超大作永久保存版となっております!!

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