JUL-156 Fucked And Brought To Climax By A Guy She Hates – Michiru Ikoma

JUL-156 Fucked And Brought To Climax By A Guy She Hates – Michiru Ikoma Michiru, who married Yuichi, who works in the same department, was not good at her boss, Oki. Athletic associations are forced to do work and drinking parties by a brutal man. A man who stays at the Zukazuka family on Fridays when he is ready for a trip the next day, drinking with his husband and a good husband until night. And Michiru, whose travel schedule has been crushed, rages against the big tree. Oki also reacts and pushes down Michiru to try to speak with her body. Although she was able to resist, she could not escape from the hand of the big tree, and the waves of the peak gradually came in….

Release Date:Mar. 05, 2020
Runtime:116min.  (HD: 116min.)
Director:Takeshi Koga

Content ID:jul00156
Series:I Didn’t Want Him To Fuck Me, But H…

Michiru Ikoma

JUL-156 発売日: 2020/03/07 収録時間: 120分 出演者: 生駒みちる 監督: 古賀丈士 シリーズ: 抱かれたくない男に死にたくなるほどイカされて… メーカー: マドンナ レーベル: Madonna ジャンル: 辱め 美乳 熟女 人妻・主婦 スレンダー 単体作品 デジモ サンプル動画 品番: jul156 同じ部署で働く雄一と結婚したみちるは職場の上司・大木が苦手だった。体育会系で仕事や飲み会の強要は当たり前の横暴な男。旅行を翌日に控えた金曜日、接待といい夫を連れ夜まで飲み歩きズカズカ家に泊まる男。そして旅行の予定も潰れたみちるは大木に対して怒りをぶつける。大木もそれに反応し、みちるを押し倒し身体で言い聞かせようとする。抵抗するみちるだったが大木の手からは逃げられず、次第に絶頂の波が押し寄せて…。

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