JUL-159 The Married Woman Next Door Discovered That I’m A Cherry Boy, And Now I Do Whatever She Says – Hijiri Maihara

JUL-159 Jimbo decided to rent his uncle’s apartment by relying on a relative’s helper. He went on to study at graduate school in a short period of time, and was attracted to his neighbor, St., but he had no experience of women and had no choice but to hold his thoughts. One morning, she sees that she lives a life without a feminine soul by passing garbage … Asking him who can not say anything, Saint asks him to listen to his orders, subject to loss of virginity. And from that day, the days played by her begin …

Release Date:Mar. 05, 2020
Runtime:120min.  (HD: 120min.)
Director:Jotaro Tomi

Content ID:jul00159

Hijiri Maihara


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