Mywife-02027 Mrs. Erika married woman photographer

The wife we met this time is a genuine woman who married her childhood friend at elementary school. Although it reached to now through such pure love, that feeling gradually faded, it seemed dissatisfied with the life without stimulation when it was good if I had played with a man. He seems to have accessed the adulterous site because he was unable to suppress the inquisitive spirit which seemed to have gained interest in sex with a few other experienced people. * In the main part, mosaic processing on the face is not done.

今回出会った人妻は小学生の時の幼馴染と結婚した純朴そうな女性。そんな純愛を経て今に至るのだが、その気持ちはだんだん薄れ、もっと男の人と遊んでおけば良かったと刺激がない生活に不満の様でした…。経験人数も少なくご主人以外とのセックスに興味津々で湧いて出た探究心を抑える事が出来ず不倫サイトにアクセスしたそうです。  ※本編では顔にモザイク処理はしておりません。

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