Prestige AKA-014 Mina Konno Night Safari 2

Her name is Mina Konno. Encourage a man with beautiful curvaceous beauty, seduce with a fancy aura. Soft and large breasts, plump buttocks, neck which raises groan with pleasures. I will appeal the pleasure while fully appealing the privileged body live. I am caressed every corner of the whole body, desire is increasing while leaking glossy sigh. Every time I feel pleasure, my body suffers from cramping and my female body gets moist. Hold the cock while kneeling down and make you feel the heat in the back of your throat. The haste that the effect was effective gives her a strong pleasure and the body draws out a splendid curve beauty.

彼女の名は『今野 美奈』。美しい曲線美で男を虜にし、妖艶なオーラを発して誘惑する。柔らかく大きな乳房、豊満な尻肉、快楽を受けて唸りを上げるくびれ。恵まれたボディラ インを存分に魅せつけながら快楽を貪っていく。全身の隅々まで愛撫を受け、艶かしい吐息を漏らしながら欲望は高まっていく。快感を味わう度に身体が痙攣を 起こし、女性器はしっとりと濡れていく。腰をくねらせながら肉棒を咥え、喉奥で熱を感じさせる。緩急の効いた腰遣いは彼女に強い快楽を与え、身体は見事な 曲線美を描き出す。

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