Prestige SGA-058 Rina Mamiya Too Glossy Metamorphosis M Woman Who Feels Bullied By The Words Good Wife That Combines A Half-system Beautiful Wife Rina Asamiya 30-year-old AV Debut Elegance And Good Looks

A 30-year-old married woman “Rina Asamiya” releases glossy elegance AV debuts! She speaks that she has come to be committed because she can not be satisfied with her husband. Beautiful wife suffering from serious frustration will enjoy sex with the instinct going! In order to maximize her desire, I slowly lick it throughout my body. I stab my throat in my throat and stimulate her de M constitution. If you insert it and hit it violently, it makes you look pleasant somewhere while making you feel like you suffer. I will visit her living apartment at a later date and get involved intensely to make the ideal ‘night life’.

艶やかな気品を放つ30歳の人妻『麻宮 りな』がAVデビュー!出演動機を「旦那じゃ満足できないから、犯されに来た」と語る彼女。深刻な欲求不満に悩む美人妻が本能の赴くままにセックスを堪能する!彼女の欲望を最大限に引き出すため、身体中をじっくりと舐めまわしていく。チ○コを喉奥に突き刺して彼女のドM体質を刺激。挿入して激しく打ち込むと、苦しそうにしながらもどこか嬉しそうな表情を見せる。後日彼女の住むマンションを訪問し、理想の’夜の生活’を実現させるために激しく交わっていく…。

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