SIRO SIRO-578 Fumiko Amateur AV experience shooting 125 Fumiko 26 years old OL

I still will not forget it. The day when it was with this girl was a rare occasion when the metropolitan area was covered with snow. Even if you are hanging around the city looking for a girl who is likely to appear, it’s unfortunately a sky. As usual I say to 20 people and about 1 person will listen to the story, but today I will be leaving quickly whether the agencies are concerned. The snow was precipitating with the ship and the night was completely covered with snow. Take out the cell phone and look up the train … Today might be on foot. I could not catch a taxi even though one of them could not catch it. I started walking into the street with a white stone to my house. Did you walk for about an hour, or will we take a taxi soon? Or, since I walked this much, I saw a fast food shop where I was thinking about walking all the way. If you think carefully, you have not eaten anything from noon. “A strange solilism came out,” Are you hungry even if you have a belly peco and even a late night meal? ” It seems that a little tension is rising because of tiredness which kept on walking. There was a woman with eyes that I tried to enter the store, a woman looking out at the window window inside the shop. I was concerned about her continuing to look at the snow at a single point and tried calling out loudly. Her name is said to have been snowed on the way back from the company “Fumiko”, he was at a loss despite being unable to return. From commonality that you can not return home from each other, pick up the clues of conversation successfully and go outside the store. I let him drink at a pub, and I was able to take that day back to the hotel. I got to the room and pushed her without entering a bath. When I took her off, I spit without thinking of the size of my chest, waisted waist, beauty of that body line. Because it was the first time in a long time, she asked for her in a frenzy, but she asks for it many times, not to be afraid. Erotic souvenir is preeminent. Although I am convinced that the appearance negotiation is definitely going to succeed, I fell asleep as it was without cutting out the essential thing after the culmination. The next day, when I woke up, she did not appear there. There was a deposit in front of the mirror stand when it was discouraged … Although snow is piled up, today’s train seems to be moving somehow, but it seems that we can take a taxi back today.


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