TakaraEizo RADC-011 Japanese Online Nabe Pa NTR Mote No Result For My Colleague I Called A Wife Of My House And My Wife Friend To Do A Pot Party


カリビアン I was hired by a colleague of single, non-Mote, and the only married I will hold a home party. I asked my wife to collect girlfriends and it was time to start and I had to go to the office. The worry was about the cute wife in the women’s group, but I could not help going to the company. When I got home early in the morning my wife was sleeping in a quiet room. There was a camera my colleague was shooting by. When I looked casually, the state of the party of yesterday was projected. A colleague with a high tension, a lady group including a wife, a festival began with a toast, but … why, why his wife is having fun with his colleagues. I did not see it ….


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